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Welcome to the one and only blog where we share tips & trics from Music world by not only. Over my 50 years old life I expirienced many things, visited over 50 countries and written 100+ songs. Please be welcome here and start reading!

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coffin 3d flower acrylic nails

Coffind 3D Flower Acrylic Nails Design Guide

Steve Rodgers

Coffin 3D flower acrylic nails are a big hit for those wanting stylish nails. This guide will show you tons …

how to get cheese in lego fortnite

Unlock Cheese in Lego Fortnite: Quick Guide

Steve Rodgers

In LEGO Fortnite, finding cheese is a big deal. It helps your character get healthier and is key for making …

freetress curtain bang wig bombshell

Freetress Curtain Bang Wig Bombshell Styles & Tips

Steve Rodgers

The Freetress Curtain Bang Wig Bombshell is a top choice for many because of its flip out bang. This wig …

persona 3 reload elizabeth fight

Ultimate Guide to Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth Fight

Steve Rodgers

Elizabeth is the “secret” boss in Persona 3 Reload. Beating her takes careful planning. In this guide, we’ll share all …