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Steve Rodgers Tour Interviews 2018

Steve was interviewed on a number of radio stations during his UK Tour in October. Listen again via…

HEAD UP HiGH album available now

Head Up High, Steve’s current album release, is available now from Roulette Media

Promo Video

– Steve has produced a promo video showing behind the scenes footage of his tour with Bad Company, and the recording of “This Place Called Home” with his dad Paul Rodgers.

new Paul Rodgers and Steve Rodgers single

All proceeds from the single will be donated to Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice in Middlesbrough

Download on iTunes:

‘This Place Called Home’ celebrates the heritage of the working man – the fathers and sons who for generations have proudly contributed to some of the world’s greatest industrial wonders.

Vocals recorded in January 2016 by Paul Rodgers and his son Steve Rodgers. Paul originally hails from Teesside, an area recently affected by the closure of the large steel plant at Redcar.

Vocals: Paul Rodgers, Steve Rodgers


Led Zeppelin

“He’s fantastic”
Roger Taylor Queen Steve Rodgers TestimonialROGER TAYLOR


“Great singing and songwriting – I’m impressed”
Steve Yourglivch Blues Matters magazineSTEVE YOURGLIVCH

Blues Matters Magazine

“The extremely gifted Steve Rodgers opened proceedings tonight. Seated centre stage with mostly acoustic but occasionally electric guitar we were mesmerised by the warm perfection of songs like The River and Sunshine. Steve is much more than a singer songwriter, his tunes have a greater depth…”
Dave Thomas Steve Rodgers TestimonialDAVE THOMAS

Blues Musician

“Steve Rodgers was exceptional! His acoustic and electric guitar playing is inventive and rhythmic. His songwriting is thoughtful, intriguing and at times simply joyful. His voice is superb – expressive, soulful, powerful, subtle and effortlessly dynamic. His pitch and inflections impeccable…even when weaving in and out of complex cadences…”
Mick Burgess Chronicle Live Steve Rodgers Music testimnialMICK BURGESS

Chronicle Live

“It takes some guts to stand in front of thousands of people with no music, no fancy lights and sing a haunting acapella with just the audience clapping in time. That is exactly what Steve Rodgers did during Cup of Light which closed his short but hugely impressive set.
Blessed with a powerful, melodic Bluesy voice, Rodgers kept the ever growing crowd transfixed throughout his set that included the Eastern flavoured Sunshine and set opener Messed Up.
Having grown up in a musical environment and with the DNA of Bad Company lead singer Paul Rodgers flowing through his veins this was one accomplished performance. His Dad may have been the headliner but make no mistake, Steve Rodgers was here on his own merits and left the stage winning over a whole new legion of fans.”

Metro Arena, Newcastle 2016