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Welcome to the one and only blog where we share tips & trics from Music world by not only. Over my 50 years old life I expirienced many things, visited over 50 countries and written 100+ songs. Please be welcome here and start reading!

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masters of the air bubbles

Masters of the Air Bubbles: Expert Insights

Steve Rodgers

Did you know that the world’s oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface? That’s a staggering amount, teeming …

i'm so obsessed with your ex

Conquering Obsession: Your Ex & Moving On

Steve Rodgers

Did you know that obsessing over an ex is more common than you might think? In fact, according to a …

why did the prototype kill catnap

Exploring Reasons: Why Did the Prototype Kill Catnap?

Steve Rodgers

Did you know that the beloved character, CatNap, met a tragic end in Poppy Playtime? The shocking demise of CatNap …

faciles trenzas para cabello corto

Easy Braids for Short Hair: Quick Styles

Steve Rodgers

Did you know that braids can be a game-changer for short hair? When it comes to hairstyles for shorter locks, …