Age Up Potion Adopt Me: Fast-Track Your Pet’s Growth

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By Steve Rodgers

The Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me! is a special item that makes pets grow quickly. It became available on July 13, 2023, and is not something you can trade with others. Players can get it in a few ways, making the game more exciting for them.

Players can earn the Age-Up Potion by making their Friendship level higher. They need to do 30 tasks to go up one level. By working hard, they get a chance to speed up their pet’s growth. They can also use special items like the Campfire Cookie or specific lures to find the potion. It’s also hidden in the Advent Calendar on particular days.

Using the Age-Up Potion, a player can make their pet grow faster by 30 tasks. This helps them save time and not do the same chores over and over. Yet, they cannot use this potion on eggs or pets that are already fully grown. This rule makes sure everyone plays fair.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Age-Up Potion lets players quicken their pet’s growth in Adopt Me!.
  • It’s earned by boosting your Friendship bar or with certain rare items.
  • Players use it to make their pets grow by 30 tasks instantly, saving time.
  • This potion doesn’t work on Eggs or pets that are already adults to keep the game fair.
  • It’s a cool way to make the game more fun by helping with pet growth.

How to Get Age Up Potion in Adopt Me

To get the Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me, focus on your adult pet’s Friendship Bar. Each new friendship level gets you one potion. Collect as many as you want!

To earn these potions, spend time with your pets and complete 30 tasks. This will grow your bond with your pets. Plus, you’ll get useful potions.

The Friendship Bar helps you enjoy time with your pets and gives goals for adult pet tasks. This way, you make playing fun and get Age-Up Potions.

“Spending time with your pets and completing their tasks not only feels good but also helps you get Age-Up Potions. These potions can help your pet grow in Adopt Me.”

Age Up Potion Mechanics in Adopt Me

The Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me works in a special way. It helps pets grow older faster but doesn’t work on all pets. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Usage and Limitations

This potion boosts a pet’s age by 30 tasks. It’s a fast way to age them. But, it won’t work on Eggs or Full Grown pets. This potion is only for pets not fully grown yet.

Friendship Bar Mechanics

The Friendship Bar in Adopt Me keeps growing, even after using the potion. Yet, if a pet goes back to its first owner, you lose these levels. Think about this before using the potion on your pet.

Mega Neon Pet Creation

For a Mega Neon pet, add up the Friendship Levels of all used pets. This includes pets you’ve aged up with the potion.

Knowing how this potion works helps players a lot. They can use it well to help their pets grow fast and smooth.

adopt me game age up potion mechanics

Appearance of the Age Up Potion in Adopt Me

The Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me looks special and catches your eye. It’s shaped like a clear arrow with a brown cork. The orange liquid inside glows, making it mysterious and pretty. This design makes players really want it in the game.

When you see the Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me, you can’t miss it. It stands out with its clear bottle and bright orange liquid. This makes it different from other things you see in the game.

Players love how detailed the Age-Up Potion looks. The design makes finding or getting it feel fun and special.

The Age-Up Potion’s look is really nice and makes it wanted by players. You might collect it or use it to age your pet faster. Either way, its appearance adds fun to playing Adopt Me.

Obtaining Age Up Potion from Sundrops and Obbies

To get the Age Up Potion, you can also join the Garden Hop Obby Event. You need to gather 12,000 sundrops. This event is full of fun obbies and lets you win cool prizes, like the Age Up Potion.

The Garden Hop Obby Event has tough obstacles and fun puzzles to solve. By beating these challenges, you show off your skills. You also move closer to getting the Age Up Potion. Each day, there’s a new obby to complete. Doing this gives you sundrops. The first time you finish an obby each day, you get an Age Up Potion.

Getting the Age Up Potion from the Garden Hop Obby Event is a big deal. It helps your pets grow faster. This means reaching bigger steps in the game and having more fun.

Unlocking New Levels of Fun!

The Garden Hop Obby Event is not just about the sundrops. It’s an exciting journey with lots of fun and challenges. As you play through the obbies, the beautiful scenes and clever designs will amaze you.

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the Garden Hop Obby Event and unlock the secrets of the sundrops. Fuel your thrill for adventure and earn valuable rewards, including the Age Up Potion, which can fast-track your pet’s growth like never before.

adopt me garden hop obby event

How to Increase the Friendship Bar in Adopt Me

To increase the Friendship Bar in Adopt Me, meet two rules. First, your pet must be an adult. Second, complete 30 pet tasks. When done, you get an Age-Up Potion.

No matter your pet type or rarity, you follow the same steps for the potion. It’s a just and rewarding system showing your commitment. The Friendship feature has no limit, offering endless growth.

With a full adult pet and the task completion, you both win. You get a higher Friendship Bar and see your pet evolve. It’s rewarding.

“Increasing the Friendship Bar in Adopt Me is not only about unlocking the Age-Up Potion but also about nurturing a deeper connection with your pet.”

Why Increase the Friendship Bar?

Boosting the Friendship Bar is key in the game. It opens up perks and fun for you and your pet. By doing tasks and bonding, you can:

  • Unlock new skills and abilities for your pet
  • Access exclusive areas and activities
  • Improve your pet’s happiness and overall well-being
  • Enhance your gameplay experience with upgraded pets

how to increase friendship bar adopt me

A high Friendship Bar is powerful in Adopt Me. It’s not just about winning the game. It also makes your bond with your pet stronger. Don’t miss upping your Friendship Bar for major benefits!

Using the Age Up Potion in Adopt Me

How to Use Age Up Potion in Adopt Me

Using the Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me is super easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, take the Age-Up Potion in your hand.
  2. Next, click on the pet you want to age up.
  3. Then, select the “Feed” option.

Your pet will age up by 30 tasks after you do this. Remember, you can only use the potion on adult pets. It doesn’t work on Eggs or Full Grown pets.

The potion is cool because you can switch its progress to any adult pet. This means you can choose which pet to level up first based on your game strategy or what you like.

By following these steps, you can help your pets grow faster in Adopt Me. Enjoy using the Age-Up Potion!

how to use age up potion in adopt me

Adoption Growth Acceleration with Age Up Potion

The Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me is special. It speeds up pets’ growth by letting players skip 30 tasks. This quickens how fast pets mature, allowing players to level up their pets swiftly.

With this potion, players save time on tasks they’d rather not do over and over. By jumping over 30 tasks, they can do more fun things in the game. This might include exploring or connecting with friends online.

The potion not only saves time but also boosts pets’ abilities and stats faster. So, players can do more fun activities with their pets earlier. This makes the game more exciting and varied for them.

Also, this potion helps more pets get adopted. With faster growth, more pets find loving homes. This adds to the liveliness of the game’s virtual community.

Using the potion is easy. Players just pick it from their items and use it on a pet to see it grow. The pet levels up by 30 tasks right away. It’s a great way to speed up your pet’s progress.

Age Up Potion Availability and Rarity

The Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me is very rare and hard to find. You can’t sell or buy it from other players. Instead, you have to get it for free. This makes it special for those who want their pets to grow up fast.

To get the Age-Up Potion, work on your Friendship level with your pets. Doing tasks with pets raises this level. As your Friendship level grows, you earn an Age-Up Potion. This system rewards you for spending time with your pets.

You can also get the Age-Up Potion from certain events. These could be seasonal or promotions for a limited time. Getting it this way makes the potion even more exciting to have.

The potion is rare and can’t be traded, making it valuable. It shows others you care for your pets and helps them grow. So, players really want to have it.

Using the Age-Up Potion lets you skip 30 tasks, making pets mature faster. This way, you can unlock new things in the game sooner. It also means you don’t have to do as many tasks over and over, so you can have more fun playing.

In the end, the Age-Up Potion is a precious item in Adopt Me. It’s hard to get but very useful. It changes how you play the game and makes your pets grow faster. So, players love to use it to improve their experience in Adopt Me.


The Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me offers a cool way for players to enlarge their pet’s growth quickly. With this potion, 30 tasks could be skipped, and pets’ growth significantly hastened. This makes the game more fun and allows for quick leveling up, unlocking new features.

The potion also introduces the Friendship Bar, rewarding players for bonding with their pets. As they complete tasks and level up this bar, they receive potions. These potions help to speed up their pets’ growth. It makes the game richer, as players connect with their adult pets, finding more meaning in playing.

In conclusion, the Age-Up Potion is a game-changer in Adopt Me, making pet growth more exciting. It lets players skip tasks, focusing on other game elements. So, whether aiming to level up fast or enjoying pet growth, this potion is essential. It brings convenience and fun to the game.


What is the Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me?

It’s a rare item in the game Adopt Me!. By using it, pets grow instantly by 30 tasks.

How can I obtain the Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me?

You can get it by improving your Friendship bar, by finding certain items, and from event rewards. It’s also in daily obbies.

Can I obtain multiple Age-Up Potions?

Yes, you can collect many Age-Up Potions, without any limit.

Can I use the Age-Up Potion on all pets?

It works on adult pets. But not on Eggs or pets that are Full Grown.

How does the Friendship Bar mechanic work?

First, make sure your pet is fully adult and has done 30 tasks. Then, each new Friendship level gives you another Age-Up Potion.

How do I use the Age-Up Potion on pets?

Click on your pet with the potion in hand. Choose Feed. Your pet will grow by 30 tasks instantly.

What are the benefits of using the Age-Up Potion in Adopt Me?

You can level up pets faster. This lets you enjoy the game more and avoid repetitive tasks.It opens up new gameplay options as well.

Is the Age-Up Potion available for purchase or sale between players?

No, it’s not for sale. Players can’t buy or sell it.

How does the Age-Up Potion enhance the gameplay experience of Adopt Me?

It speeds up your pets’ growth. This helps you get more from the game and level up quickly.