Ultimate Guide to Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth Fight


By Steve Rodgers

Elizabeth is the “secret” boss in Persona 3 Reload. Beating her takes careful planning. In this guide, we’ll share all you need to know to win against her.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prepare yourself for the intense battle against Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload.
  • Observe the necessary requirements and rules when fighting Elizabeth.
  • Equip the right Personas and equipment for a better chance at victory.
  • Understand Elizabeth’s strategy and weaknesses to develop effective tactics.
  • Follow our tips and recommendations to optimize your chances of success.

Requirements To Fight Elizabeth

To fight Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload, you must meet specific requirements. These are crucial for a successful battle against her.

  1. Complete Request #100: You need to finish Request #100 first. It starts the battle against Elizabeth. So, make sure you’ve done this before.
  2. Defeat the Reaper: You also have to beat the Reaper. This tough boss can be found on your journey. Defeating him is key to being able to challenge Elizabeth.

After meeting these demands, go to Adamah’s 255F in the Monad Passage to find Elizabeth. Remember, only the Protagonist can fight her, not your whole team.

“Before you can face Elizabeth, make sure you have completed Request #100 and defeated the Reaper. Only then will you be ready for the ultimate challenge.”

Rules When Fighting Elizabeth

To beat Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload, you must play by certain rules. These are meant to make the fight fair and test your abilities. Keep these rules in mind:

  1. Fight Solo: It’s a one-on-one fight with Elizabeth. Your friends can’t help you here.
  2. Avoid Nullifying or Repelling Attacks: Elizabeth has strong attacks. You shouldn’t block or reflect them.
  3. Do Not Equip Attack-Nullifying Accessories: Don’t wear anything that stops her attacks. It would give you an unfair edge.
  4. Battle Must Not Exceed 50 Turns: You have only 50 turns to win. If you don’t, Elizabeth uses Megidolaon, which ends the fight instantly.

persona 3 elizabeth fight rules

Strategies for Fighting Elizabeth in Persona 3

Now, let’s talk strategy against Elizabeth. To win, it’s vital to use the right moves. Here are tips:

“Exploit Weaknesses:”> Look for chances to hit Elizabeth’s weak spots. This can really shift the battle in your favor.”

“Implement Buffs and Debuffs:”> Boost your team and weaken Elizabeth. It makes your attacks stronger and hers weaker.”

“Manage SP and HP Efficiently:”> Watch your Spirit Points and Hit Points. Use them carefully so you’re strong till the end.”

Use these tactics and make sure your Personas and gear are ready. This will help you take on Elizabeth and win in Persona 3 Reload.

Preparations To Fight Elizabeth

Getting ready for the Elizabeth fight in Persona 3 is key. You should focus on your gear and which Personas you use. We’ll share some key advice on getting ready for this tough battle.

Completing Social Links and Obtaining the Colorless Mask

Completing Social Links before facing Elizabeth is smart. It gives you a wide range of Personas and powers, increasing your chances. Don’t forget to get the Colorless Mask from Igor at the Velvet Room. It lets you create Orpheus Talos, a Persona that can’t be matched by any element.

A Specialized Elemental-Attack Strategy

If you lack completed Social Links, there’s still hope. Focus on forming a team of Personas with powerful elemental abilities. This allows you to target Elizabeth’s weak spots and cause massive damage without Social Link completion.

“Preparing for the Elizabeth fight requires a combination of thorough Social Link completion and strategic Persona selections. By following these tips, you will be well-equipped to face the formidable challenge that awaits you.”

With these preparation tips, you’re almost ready to fight Elizabeth. Next up is “Personas for Elizabeth.” We will dive into the recommended Personas and their abilities. This info will be crucial for your battle against Elizabeth.

Personas for Elizabeth

When facing off against Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload, picking the right Personas is key. You should aim to collect 4-10 different Personas, depending on your gaming strategy and progress.

Choosing an ideal main fighter is crucial. Look for a Persona that has Enduring Soul, Endure, and no weaknesses. This makes them tough and able to weather Elizabeth’s strong attacks.

“In your battle against Elizabeth, selecting the right Personas is vital. A main fighter powerful enough with Enduring Soul, Endure, and no weaknesses is key to your victory.”

Orpheus Talos should be the highlight of your Persona choices. This Persona resists all elements, giving you a big advantage against Elizabeth. Make good use of Orpheus Talos to make your fight easier.

But, don’t forget about other Personas. You’ll want to choose ones that can exploit Elizabeth’s weak points. Study her attack patterns and select the best Personas to fight back effectively.

persona 3 elizabeth fight personas

Equipment for Elizabeth

The Protagonist is the only character who can fight Elizabeth, so picking the right gear is key. Mayoido Antiques sells top-notch equipment like Lucifer’s Blade, Armor of Light, and Shoes of Light. These items boost your stats, reduce magic damage, and give evasion against Elizabeth’s attacks.

If you need a strong weapon, go for Lucifer’s Blade. It has a high attack power, which is perfect for dealing massive damage to Elizabeth. The Armor of Light handles magical attacks well, lessening their effect.

persona 3 elizabeth fight equipment

Choosing the best equipment for fighting Elizabeth is essential to increase your chances of success. With the right gear, you’ll be able to withstand her onslaught and strike back with precision.

Before your fight with Elizabeth, visit Mayoido Antiques. Equip these powerful items to have the best chance against her.

Pre-Battle Preparations

Before the epic fight with Elizabeth in Persona 3, getting ready is key. Follow these important steps:

  1. Save the game: Always save your progress right before the Elizabeth fight. This way, if things don’t work out, you can try again.
  2. Equip necessary items and equipment: Ensure you have the best gear and items. Equip weapons, armor, and items that heal. This will boost your chances in the battle.
  3. Review your Persona lineup and skills: Look at your Personas and their skills. Think about changing or combining Personas to create a strong team. This team can take advantage of Elizabeth’s weak points.
  4. Develop a strategy: Think about your past fights and what worked. Plan a strategy that uses your team’s strengths and knows Elizabeth’s vulnerabilities.
  5. Utilize buffs and debuffs: Using skills that power up your team and weaken Elizabeth is crucial. Make sure your Personas have these enhancing and weakening skills.

persona 3 elizabeth fight walkthrough

By doing these steps, you’ll be well-prepared for your battle with Elizabeth. Good planning and smart play will greatly improve your chances of winning.

Elizabeth’s Strategy

Beating Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload is tough, but key to winning is knowing her strategy well. This fight has three phases, each with its own attack styles and weaknesses.

Phase 1: Exploit Her Weaknesses

Elizabeth starts with eight different Personas in the first phase. Each Persona has unique attacks. To win, change your Persona wisely to defend and find her weak spots. Learn each Persona to gain the upper hand.

Phase 2: Manage Damage and Avoid Instakills

The second phase gets harder with Elizabeth’s instakill moves. It’s important to manage your health points and defenses well. This means avoiding her deadly attacks while dealing high damage.

Phase 3: Endurance and Strategic Thinking

Phase three is all about lasting and smart play. As Elizabeth uses varied attacks, keep calm. Think through her moves and adapt yours. Balancing offense and defense is crucial. One wrong step could mean losing.

Winning against Elizabeth isn’t easy. It takes perseverance and smart choices. By mastering her tactics, your chances of winning go up. This battle needs serious skill to claim victory.

Recommended Tactics and Tips

When you face Elizabeth in Persona 3, using smart tactics can help you win. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Exploit her weaknesses: Look for the elements she’s weak against. This helps you deal more damage. Watch how she attacks and change your plan to beat her.
  2. Utilize buffs and debuffs: Make your team stronger and weaken Elizabeth. Skills like Tarukaja boost your power while Sukunda lessens hers.
  3. Maximize damage output: Focus on hitting Elizabeth hard. Use your strongest attacks, both physical and elemental, to take her down fast.
  4. Manage SP and HP: Keep an eye on your skill points and health. Make sure you have enough SP for your moves. Also, heal your team when they’re hurt to stay strong.
  5. Understand her attack patterns: Learn how Elizabeth fights to defend better and predict her next move. This can give you an edge in the battle.

“Effective tactics, such as exploiting weaknesses, using buffs and debuffs, and maximizing damage output, can increase your chances of victory against Elizabeth in Persona 3”

Follow these strategies to tackle Elizabeth’s challenge. Stay sharp and change your plan as the battle goes on. Best of luck!


Defeating Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload is a hard task. It needs you to be very prepared, plan smart, and not give up. This guide has shared many useful tips and plans to help you win this tough RPG fight.

Follow our advice on what you need, how to get ready, what Personas to use, what items are best, and how to fight. Make sure to use her weak points, smart tactics, and watch your energy levels.

Be determined and smart, and you can win against Elizabeth. Good luck on your journey to beat the Elizabeth battle in Persona 3 Reload!


What are the requirements to fight Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload?

To fight Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload, finish Request #100 and beat the Reaper. After that, go to Adamah’s 255F in the Monad Passage to find her.

What are the rules when fighting Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload?

When you face Elizabeth, it’s just you. Don’t block her attacks or wear items that do. The battle should last no more than 50 turns. If you break these rules, she ends things with a powerful attack.

How should I prepare for the Elizabeth fight in Persona 3 Reload?

Complete all Personal Links and get the Colorless Mask from Igor first. Then, fuse Orpheus Talos, a Persona that resists all elements. Without all the Links, use Personas strong in different elements.

What Personas should I use to fight Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload?

Your strategy will determine which Personas you need, from 4 to 10. A key Persona should resist all elements and not have weaknesses. Orpheus Talos is excellent for this.Other Personas must counter Elizabeth’s attacks and strengths.

What equipment should I use for the Elizabeth fight in Persona 3 Reload?

For the best gear, visit Mayoido Antiques. They have Lucifer’s Blade, Armor of Light, and Shoes of Light. These items boost your stats, lessen magic damage, and help dodge attacks.

How should I prepare before the Elizabeth fight in Persona 3 Reload?

Before the battle, save and check your equipment and items. Look over your Persona setup and skills. Think about using buffs and debuffs to help win.

What is Elizabeth’s strategy in the Persona 3 Reload fight?

Elizabeth has three phases with unique attacks and weaknesses. In the first, she uses eight Personas with different attacks. Adjust your Persona to defend and attack smartly.The second phase demands you manage damage to avoid KO moves. The final phase tests your endurance and tactics.

What are some recommended tactics and tips for the Elizabeth fight in Persona 3 Reload?

To beat Elizabeth, focus on her weak points and use buffs. Keep your HP and SP in check. Understand her moves to change your strategy as needed.