Unlocking a Nuke in Warzone 3: A Guide


By Steve Rodgers

Ready to up your game in Warzone 3? It’s time to go for the Nuke and be a dominant player. This guide will show you the steps clearly. You’ll learn how to complete the Champion’s Quest contract. Then, you’ll get info on how to protect and use the Nuke. So, let’s get started and rule the Warzone 3 battlefield.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Completing the Champion’s Quest contract is key to unlocking a Nuke in Warzone 3.
  • Players must win five games in a row or a total of 30 wins in Warzone to activate the contract.
  • Collect three required elements, shoot down a nuclear chopper, and defend the Nuke to complete the contract.
  • Completing the contract rewards players with various cosmetic items.
  • Success in obtaining a Nuke requires skill, strategy, and teamwork.

How to Get a Nuke in Warzone 3

Getting a Nuke in Warzone 3 is tough, but doable with the right moves. Your goal might be to finish the Champion’s Quest or win at Nuke warfare. We’ll help you every step. You’ll learn what you need and how to win the game.

Understanding the Requirements

To start, win five games in a row or 30 in total for the Nuke option. This takes skill, teamwork, and not giving up. When you hit these goals, look for the yellow crown contract in your Warzone.

Collecting the Required Elements

You need Beryllium, Plutonium, and Tritium for the quest. These are found in different places on the map. Search well, gather them, and you’re closer to your Nuke.

Defending the Bomb Site

Setting up the Nuke isn’t the hard part. You must protect it for two minutes after. This needs good talk, smart moves, and a strong will. Focus, work well with your team, and keep enemies away to win.

Getting a Nuke in Warzone 3 makes you a star player. The fun isn’t just in finishing a tough challenge. You get cool stuff like Atomic Weapon Charm and more. These items show everyone you’re a Nuke expert.

Now, you know how to aim for a Nuke in Warzone 3. It’s your time to show your skills. Talk with your team, make a plan, and own the battlefield. No matter your level, the path to Nuke mastery starts now.

Best Tips for Getting a Nuke in Warzone 3

Want to get a Nuke in Warzone 3? Strategy is crucial. We’ve gathered top tips to up your chances at this impressive goal.

1. Build a Skilled and Coordinated Team

Playing with strong, communicative friends boosts game wins. Teamwork and clear talk help you outshine rivals.

2. Utilize Proper Positioning and Strongholds

Think about where you position yourself and use strongholds wisely. Grasp high ground, cover, and chokepoints for better chances in fights.

3. Optimal Loadout Selection

The gear you choose really matters. Try the RAM-7 and RAM-9 for their versatility. Add on suppressors, heavy barrels, and more mag capacity to boost your guns.

4. Equip Effective Perks

The right perks can lift your game. Use Double Time for speed hits or Ghost for stealth. They help you move better, see more, or hide.

5. Implement Effective Rotations and Class Setups

Being sharp with rotations and classes is key to victory. Always have both close and long-range options. Play around with classes to suit your style.


Getting a Nuke in Warzone 3 needs skill and work. These tips can boost your chances. May you reach this epic milestone. Good luck!

Keep on reading for everything about the Champion’s Quest. You’ll find its needs, rewards, and other key info here.

The Champion’s Quest Contract in Warzone

The Champion’s Quest contract is special in Warzone. It helps players get a Nuke in Warzone 3. To start, players need five wins in a row or a total of 30 wins. Then, they embark on a journey through Warzone to win the Nuke.

Contract Activation

The adventure begins with finding the contract. Look for the yellow crown on the map. This signals where the contract is. Once found, the real mission starts.

Collecting the Required Elements

Players must find Beryllium, Plutonium, and Tritium for the contract. These are scattered in specific Warzone areas. Gathering each element brings players closer to the Nuke victory.

The Final Test: Defending the Armed Nuke

After collecting the elements, comes another tough part. Players must protect the Nuke for two minutes. This is hard because other teams will try to stop them. Working well together is key.

“The Champion’s Quest contract is the biggest test in Warzone 3. It challenges everything you know in the game.”

If a team with the contract gets defeated, the contract is up for grabs. The squad that beats them can finish the job. This makes the game even more competitive.

Finishing the Champion’s Quest is a big deal. It shows you’re serious about Warzone. It’s a tough but exciting journey. So, team up, fight hard, and chase the Nuke in Warzone 3.

The Importance of Loadout in Getting a Nuke

Getting a Nuke in Warzone 3 is tough, but the right loadout is key. The loadout you pick greatly affects how well you play. It boosts your odds of success.

For Warzone 3, the RAM-7 and RAM-9 make a top-notch loadout. These guns work well at close and far distances. Adding on suppressors and heavy barrels makes them even better. This helps with handling, lessens kickback, and ups your ammo count.

Don’t forget about your gear and grenades. Smoke and stun grenades are gold. They offer chances to outsmart foes or push a strong attack. These can be life savers in tough spots or when you need to make a move.

Picking the right perks can be a game-changer, too. Double Time means you can sprint longer and quicker. Tracker lets you follow enemy steps. Spotter spots enemy gear, and Ghost makes you invisible to tech that gives away your position. They give you a big edge.

Choosing a loadout wisely is crucial for winning the Nuke. It’s all about fitting what you like and how you play. This ensures you’re ready for the toughest challenges in Warzone 3.

How to Unlock the Champion’s Quest

To start the Champion’s Quest in Warzone 3, you need to meet certain goals. One choice is getting 30 wins in Warzone. Or, you might go for winning five games straight. Achieving either goal means the Champion’s Quest contract will unlock for you.

On the map, find the special yellow crown icon to begin the quest. Grab the contract to start. Your mission will be to find three Nuke pieces at different spots. After you’ve got all three pieces, it’s time to set the Nuke up.

The last part is to protect the armed Nuke for two minutes. It’s a tough job, but teamwork and a good plan can make it doable. Succeeding here will unlock the Nuke in Warzone 3.

Unlocking the Champion’s Quest in Warzone 3 takes dedication and skill. But the rewards are great once you manage it. So, join with your friends, make a strategy, and get going on this adventure.

“Unlocking the Champion’s Quest in Warzone 3 is challenging, but possible with the right approach. Face it head-on for big wins!”

To unlock the Champion’s Quest in Warzone 3, you need to be committed. Whether it’s about winning games in a row or getting many wins, you need focus and a plan. Remember, teamwork and clear communication are key. Adapt your strategy as needed for each quest. Starting from unlocking the Champion’s Quest, you’re on your way to the Nuke adventure in Warzone 3.

warzone 3 nuke requirements

Tips and Strategies for Winning Games in Warzone

Winning in Warzone is key to unlocking the Champion’s Quest and getting a Nuke in Warzone 3. Try these tips to improve your winning chances:

  1. Form a strong team: Team up with skilled players who talk well and plan together. This teamwork gives a big boost in fights.
  2. Focus on positioning: Where you stand on the map matters a lot. Use cover, hold the high grounds, and pick smart spots to outsmart opponents.
  3. Master rotations: Move smart to stay in the lead. Rotate carefully to find better spots and dodge open fights.
  4. Utilize strongholds: Know the best defensible areas in the map. Control them to push back enemy attacks and have a better stance.
  5. Optimize your loadout: Set up your gear to match your style. Try different guns, add-ons, and skills until you find what fits you best.

“A well-organized team, strategic positioning, and optimized loadouts are key factors in achieving victory in Warzone.”

Use these strategies and tips to up your game in Warzone. They will help you aim for winning more matches and heading closer to the Nuke in Warzone 3.

warzone 3 nuke strategy

The Rewards for Completing the Champion’s Quest

The Champion’s Quest in Warzone 3 has some cool prizes. You can win an Atomic Weapon Charm, Acerbic Roil Weapon Camo, and more. There’s also a Big Boom Calling Card, a Dangerous Material Emblem, and special skins and stickers.

Winning these lets you customize your character. You show off that you did the Champion’s Quest and got a Nuke in Warzone 3. The Atomic Weapon Charm makes your gun look special. The Acerbic Roil Weapon Camo makes your guns really stand out. The Big Boom Calling Card shows everyone you’re a top player. The Dangerous Material Emblem shows you tackle tough missions.

The Meltdown 240 Operator Skin changes how your character looks, highlighting your victory. The Number 1 Emblem shows you’re the best. The Nuke Crew Weapon Sticker shows you helped with the Nuke quest. Plus, the Warning: Nuke Weapon Sticker reminds others of your battle skills.

warzone 3 nuke rewards

These rewards don’t just make you feel good. They also show others you’ve triumphed in Warzone 3. Use them to make your character and gear unique. Let everyone see you shine in Warzone 3. Show the world you’re a top player because of the Champion’s Quest.

The Rebirth Island Nuke Quest

Players can venture on a thrilling Nuke quest on Rebirth Island aside from the main Warzone map. This adventure is akin to the main map’s Nuke quest. It challenges players to fulfill specific goals to gain and put off the Nuke. If you’re after a new and exciting challenge, Rebirth Island is the place to be.

Rewards Worth Fighting For

Finishing the Rebirth Island Nuke quest rewards players heavily, upping the excitement and achievement feeling. Get a unique operator skin, a special weapon camo, a weapon decal, charm, and an animated calling card. These hard-to-get items make your character stand out. Moreover, they show your win in the Rebirth Island Nuke quest.

“Embark on the Rebirth Island Nuke quest and brace yourself for intense battles, thrilling objectives, and unforgettable rewards. Are you ready to take on the challenge?”

Note: Steps and quests for the Rebirth Island Nuke may change and improve over time. Keep yourself updated for the newest info. Then, dive into the high-action fun of the Rebirth Island Nuke quest.

How to Unlock the Champion’s Quest on Rebirth Island

To unlock the Champion’s Quest on Rebirth Island, you need to meet certain goals. These change with game updates. Usually, this means winning a certain number of games or finishing specific tasks in a row.

After meeting the goals, the Champion’s Quest contract appears on the map. Start the contract to begin your journey. You’ll need to find things and set up the Nuke. Doing this rewards you with special looks for your character and weapons. You get an operator skin, weapon camo, decal, charm, and a cool card.

“Unlocking the Champion’s Quest on Rebirth Island provides an exciting opportunity to earn unique cosmetic rewards while taking on an epic challenge. Players must showcase their skills and determination to meet the requirements and conquer the quest.”

You earn the Champion’s Quest by achieving certain goals like winning or finishing tasks. After this, look for the contract symbol. Click on it to start your adventure.

On your quest, you collect things while fighting on Rebirth Island. Once you have everything, build the Nuke and get ready. Protect the Nuke to win cool cosmetic items that show your success.

Unlocking the Champion’s Quest on Rebirth Island is a big challenge with great rewards. Take the challenge and let your skills and hard work shine. This exciting journey on Rebirth Island is waiting for players like you.

Tips for Completing the Nuke Quest on Rebirth Island

Completing the Nuke quest on Rebirth Island is like the one on the main Warzone map. You’ll need similar strategies but also adjust to Rebirth Island’s unique features.

It’s crucial to pick strong weapons for short distances. The island is small, and you’ll find yourself in lots of fights. So, you need weapons that work well up close. Try using the RAM-7 and RAM-9. They’re good choices because they work in many battle situations.

Using solid spots and moving well can help you win. Rebirth Island has lots of buildings you can use as safe spots. Moving smartly between these and knowing when to change positions can help a lot.

Don’t overlook the importance of the right perks and gear. Choose perks like Double Time, Tracker, Spotter, and Ghost. These can give you big advantages during the game. They help you move fast, spot enemies, see traps, and stay hidden from enemy view.

Focus on being sharp, changing when you have to, and playing well. These tips can get you through the Nuke quest. This way, you’re closer to getting those special rewards.


To get a Nuke in Warzone 3, you need skill, dedication, and strategy. Follow our steps and tips to boost your success. Start by unlocking the Champion’s Quest. Then, win games and meet the requirements to head towards a Nuke. Make sure to gather the needed Nuke elements and defend the site.

Getting a Nuke not only marks your achievement but also makes your gaming better. The Atomic Weapon Charm and other rewards show everyone you’re a pro. Keep practicing and using smart strategies to master Nukes in Warzone 3.

Create the best loadout, team up with skilled players, and use strong tactics. Doing this will improve your gameplay, giving you a better shot at a Nuke. We wish you the best of luck in your quest for a Nuke!


How can I unlock a Nuke in Warzone 3?

To get a Nuke, do the Champion’s Quest contract. You need to win five games without losing. Or, win 30 games altogether in Warzone.

How do I start the Champion’s Quest contract?

To start, find the yellow crown item in a Warzone game.

What are the steps involved in completing the Champion’s Quest contract?

First, find and collect Beryllium, Plutonium, and Tritium. Then, shoot a nuclear chopper. Finally, assemble and protect the Nuke for two minutes.

What tips can you provide to increase my chances of getting a Nuke in Warzone 3?

Having a strong team is key. Place yourselves well on the map. Also, use weapons and perks like the RAM-7 and Double Time.

What are the rewards for completing the Champion’s Quest contract?

Finish the quest to get special items. These include the Atomic Weapon Charm, and the Meltdown 240 Operator Skin.

Are there any Nuke quests available on Rebirth Island?

Yes, players can find a Nuke quest on Rebirth Island. Complete specific objectives to get and activate the Nuke.

What are the requirements to unlock the Champion’s Quest on Rebirth Island?

Usually, you need a certain number of wins. Or you must complete certain objectives in a row to start the quest.

What tips can you provide for completing the Nuke quest on Rebirth Island?

Use powerful weapons and set up your loadout wisely. Make sure you are ready for battles up close.

How can I improve my chances of winning games in Warzone?

Focus on forming a strong team. Pay attention to where you are on the map. Also, adjust your loadout and use smart tactics.

What is the importance of loadout in getting a Nuke in Warzone?

The right loadout is crucial. It makes you more effective in fights. This increases your chances of getting a Nuke.

Can the Champion’s Quest contract be stolen by other squads?

If another squad kills the squad with the contract, they can steal the contract. Then they can finish it themselves.

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